As a result, the phone stops recognizing the sim. Replacement For iPhone 4 Re: Iphone 4 no sim card tray Originally Posted by SwitchBeach But the OP is talking about a iPhone 4 which does not have a SIM Card or a SIM card tray if it is a Verizon (or Sprint) phone. My friend gave me her iPhone 4 and it still has service, I want to take the service off but I don't know how without them thinking I stole the phone? I don't see how your friend moving all of To re-seat the SIM card in its slot, get a paper clip (Apple includes a "SIM card removal tool" with some iPhones), unfold it, and push one end into the hole in the SIM card tray. Dear apple IPhone, My Sister from United State send me an Iphone4 . The iPhone 4 and 4S use a microSIM. If you need a GSM version, then you will need to sell that phone. If the No SIM error goes away, congratulations you fixed the issue! 3. Later models have the slightly smaller, more modern nanoSIM. If you have an iPhone 4 and it does not have a SIM tray, then you have a CDMA, or Verizon version of the phone. ... grab hold of the tray and remove the iPhone SIM card ; ... now that you know how to remove SIM Card from iPhone 4 4. Gently clean it up, follow the instructions. Method 3: Clean the Sim-Card. You simply register with one of the ... SIM into the Micro SIM card tray. The first iPhone 2G was a GSM phone with a SIM card tray. Re-Seating the SIM Card. Where your SIM tray is located; How to remove the SIM card; What you need to remove the SIM card in your iPhone or iPad. Discussion in 'iPhone Tips, Help and Troubleshooting' started by stefan109, Jun 24, 2010. iPhone 4 - Sim Card Tray. On my iphone 4 from verizon (CDMA) there's no sim tray, I've been wanting to change the middle bezel from the regular brushed chrome to an all black mid frame. This question is asked by iPhone users across the world. However, my iPhone shows No SIM Card installed. Put your SIM card back into the tray, reinsert the SIM tray into your iPhone, and cross your fingers. For that reason, it does not need a SIM card and does not SILVER MICRO SIM CARD TRAY HOLDER FOR APPLE iPHONE 4 4G 4s 4gs metal slot. Micro Sim Tray for Iphone 4 and 4S. ... step is to eject the SIM tray by inserting a paper clip into the tiny hole in the SIM tray on the outside of your iPhone. Why is that. Occasionally the problem is caused by the dirty copper connectors on the sim card. Find great deals on eBay for iphone sim card tray and iphone 4 sim card tray. Why Does My iPhone Say No SIM Card? Where your SIM tray is located; How to remove the SIM card; What you need to remove the SIM card in your iPhone or iPad. Take out the Find a friend with an iPhone, and try putting his/her SIM card into your SIM tray and inserting it into your iPhone. Shop with confidence on eBay! I re-inserted the SIM after a few seconds but my iPhone still says no SIM Card. However one phone was no problem ... a sim removal tool for iPhones since IPhone 4, I ... open the sim-card tray. I have the sprint iPhone 4 but there is no sim card slot on the side of the phone. CDMA iPhone. Im an iPhone 6 user ... iPhone SIM Tray When Youve Lost The Ejector Tool.